What’s Your Territory?

Someone close to me was recently taken to the emergency room with some pretty scary symptoms, and this person is someone who, except under the worst circumstances, would not voluntarily ask to be taken to the ER on a Sunday afternoon.  I ended up spending most of the next couple days at the hospital with them, as they went through the usual tests to make sure that something terrible hadn’t happened, or that something worse wasn’t on the verge of happening.

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Cash (On Hand) is King

Let’s think for a moment about some of the things that the average person is motivated by.  I mean really motivated, at a basic instinctual level.  Of course there is food and water or, sustenance.  Then we have shelter and housing.  There is also a drive to reproduce.

One motivation that I believe is ever-present, but often overlooked, is the drive for safety.  Everything about our lives is permeated with the innate desire to minimize risk (except for you thrill-seekers!) and protect ourselves from harm.

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