A Mutual Journey of Shifted Momentum

Welcome to Interest-Swing!  My name is Ryan, and I created this page as a way to document my journey towards financial control, and eventually, financial freedom.

The idea for Interest-Swing was born after spending the last half of a decade studying personal finance ideas as they are presented from varied sources.  I have digested strategies and theories from people like Dave Ramsey, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, and other groups and personalities, and believe that the majority of this advice can be summarized in just a few key concepts, and even more directly, distilled into one theory.  This theory is what I call Interest-Swing.

Interest-Swing is the idea that to become successful financially, we need to swing the balance of power out of the hands of the banks and lenders, and back into the hands of the American family.  A quick Google search about debt in America can demonstrate just how much interest the average American family is paying to banks and lenders to support their lifestyles and choices.  Imagine for a moment how different our world might look financially if these families were instead earning this interest for themselves through their own assets and investments!

This idea of maximizing cash-flow, minimizing debt and interest payments, and investing the gains made into vehicles that generate additional income is not revolutionary, but in our current society of consumption and misinformation, trying to come out on the winning side can seem like a very uphill battle.  I know this personally because I am on the same quest to overcome the math and beat the banks at their own game.

I want to thank you for visiting, and encourage you to check back as we embark on this journey together.  I believe that there is power in community, and I want to build a community that is using knowledge and encouragement to take back personal finance and build wealth for their families.